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Safety Planning Group has worked with property owners and managers, hotel and shelter operators, school managers and other building managers to present their Fire Safety and Evacuation plans or Fire Safety/Emergency Action plans to the New York City Fire Department in the formats required by the fire department, since our establishment in 2008.

Our reputation as leaders in drafting the building diagrams that are part of a plan is unsurpassed in the industry. Fire Department leaders have called our drawings the gold standard, because they show only those elements the fire department requires in order to navigate their way around and through a building in an emergency. We are known for producing clear, easy-to-read floor plans, sprinkler/standpipe riser diagrams, and elevation drawings.

SPG also produces and submits entire Fire Safety and Evacuation plans and Fire Safety/Emergency Action plans to the fire department, working with building personnel to document their systems, procedures and personnel in the formats required by the fire department. We work closely with building staff to incorporate the appropriate information into the correct forms required in order to submit a plan that will be accepted and approved by the fire department in a timely manner.

We prepare Fire Protection Plans, which differ from FSEPs and FSEAPs in that FPPs detail information about the building and its safety systems, where the FSEPs and FSEAPs focus on some of the building's safety systems as well as the personnel and procedures that keep building occupants safe in an emergency. When we do both types of plans, we compile all the relevant information, and once your FSEP or FSEAP is accepted by the fire department, we will then submit your Fire Protection Plan.

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