Test the Plan, Manage the Crisis

Planning Tools

  • Emergency Response Guides
  • Emergency Preparedness Booklets and Brochures
  • Riser Diagrams & Floor Plans
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans
  • Online Flash and Video Instruction

Recovery Actions

  • Replace and repair property
  • Replace sprinkler components

Crisis Management

  • Establish an Incident Command
  • Notify Fire Department
  • Evacuate the building
  • Extinguish Small Fires
  • Establish a safety zone

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Emergency Response Guides

Emergence Response Guide Emergency Response Guide

For building staff to clearly understand the proper actions in an emergency the Emergency Response Guide is invaluable. We interview your key staff and utilize any existing plans that you have in place. We also confirm that the book meets all local codes.

The detail of this information is condensed into emergency checklists and flow charts. Each emergency situation has its own tab so that it can be quickly referenced. The final books typically covers 20-30 emergency situations. Staff can access the information online and we can also print on the Guide on durable card stock, set in a spiral-bound flip book.

The book is useful as a training tool for new and existing staff. It is concise enough to be used in actual emergency situations. Typically each staff person will study and drill to the procedures. Senior executives can also the Guide to setup their Crisis Management Team.


Emergency Preparedness Brochures and Booklets

Brochure Brochure

Emergency Preparedness Brochures and Booklets can be distributed electronically to all tenants and employees. The materials provide an efficient, cost-effective means of reinforcing life safety training. Brochures and Booklets are compliant with the all local Fire Codes.

Our standard booklet divides procedures into a Your Role (tenant)-Our Role (building staff) format. This format clearly delineates the responsibilities of tenants and staff in a wide range of situations. A separate guide can be adapted to the training needs of building staff and also to Warden Teams.

There are a number of options to distribute the booklet. The most common is for building management to make content available on a Website and to send tenants a link. Tenants can then review the material online or print the document for their use. Management can print and distribute the guide at fire/EAP drills or refresher training sessions of warden teams.

Management sends reminders electronically on a regular basis of the importance of reviewing the emergency procedures.


Floor Plans and Riser Diagrams

For over 20 years, Ken Samuelsen has produced key floor plans and riser diagrams for clearly delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information. They are usable by buildings staff, fire departments, and police departments, and can be posted as signage in tenant spaces.

Floor Plans

Sample Floor Plan Sample Floor Plan

Riser Diagrams

Sample Riser Diagram Sample Riser Diagram

Fire Safety / Emergency Action Plans and Fire Protection Plans

Fire Safety / Emergency Action Plans and Fire Protection Plans are customized to each building. They are based upon building information that is obtained through on-site visits and building documents. Safety Planning Group is knowledgable of all the pertinent fire safety codes in New York City to ensure fast approval by the FDNY and Department of Buildings.


Safety Preparedness Videos

Video Still

Filmed on-site, the video can be used for fire drills, preparedness training for building staff, floor wardens, and all tenants. Videos cut training and can be distributed to each tenant in DVD format or online.


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